love what matters


I have been wondering what to say in the days since the various United States political conventions. Political rant? Social commentary? A plea for cooler, calmer heads to prevail? Sigh…

The interesting thing that I see about being unwilling to communicate regarding an issue is that there is no space to learn, grow or see that perhaps there is an alternative direction that has not been thought of or considered before. So, in these cases, I look for information, ideas and what folks have to say. I look in the news, in person and through social media…

What my quest lead me to was a journey through many different topics, including a few dog and cat videos – which is a must. However, the thing that struck the most vibrant this morning was a video from a police officer.

You may need a tissue for it, but here’s the link :

Find ’em on Facebook  and look around: Love What Matters

So, there you have it, Love What Matters!


  1. Thank you, Hope, for pointing us in this direction. We’re all here to learn and grow. If we don’t, we’re at a standstill, and that won’t change anything.

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