Back to School, Library Cards and Literacy

Empty notebooks waiting for everything from squiggles to ideas that will change the way we live; freshly sharpened pencils, fresh pens, and Sharpie markers that will seemingly never run out of ink are but a few of the images that come to mind when I think of the new academic year.

For some of us, well, the more “seasoned” individuals amongst us, learning is a lifelong love affair. Whether with the same subject or one that is new, peeling back the layers of a topic is the is a way to channel our natural curiosity and improve our quality of life. My experience of this is to do everything from surfing the web, to taking a class, to heading over to the library to unravel whatever mystery has come to the surface of my life.

This brings me to the two things in the realm of education that have come forward in my life with complete perfection in timing:

  1. September 2016 – Library Card Sign-Up Month 
    I learned of this event on one of my web surfing trips. I was completely delighted and just had to share it with you.

    I remember how I felt the last time I signed up for a library card. It was as if I was given the keys to new opportunities, new worlds and a door opened to become a better version of myself.

    Below are a few article and resources to help you and your local library.

    I Love Libraries:

    The American Library Association has a wealth of information for libraries on how to start a sign-up event in your area. 

  2. Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe
    This amazing group of volunteers is dedicated to providing  free educational support for adults in reading, writing, English as a second language and in assisting students who are interested in becoming United State Citizens.

    They have been providing this service in Santa Fe, NM since 1985. If you have an interest in participating with them as a student, volunteer or Donor, please visit their site:

Take a minute to stop and think of the items above.

What is it that you want to learn? How can the library, a class or Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe be part of that journey? Where might that lead you? Who can you take on the journey with you?

My wish for you in unraveling the mysteries of your favorite topic – Be Curious!



  1. I developed a love of the library early on, when my mom took my brother and me to the library and turned us loose. I couldn’t believe that I could check out as many books as I wanted–for free! My favorite times at school were free reading and when we got to order books from Scholastic. Reading has kept me curious and given me something to always look forward to. As a board member of the Literacy Council here in Lima, I’m proud to support the efforts of those who realize reading has been missing from their lives and have the courage to admit that their reading level isn’t where it should be. Once it is, a whole new world is opened to them. You are clearly doing what you should be doing in your love of learning and teaching. Hope. As our favorite teachers would say, keep up the good work!

    1. Holly, I agree completely! To learn, share and grow is the best possible thing I can think of doing with my time!
      Lima is lucky to have you on their Literacy Council!
      Thank you for your comments and support!

    1. Thank you for the feedback and the comments! I concur wholeheartedly! A solid education is what ultimately provides society with the a capacity for resolving issues both large and small and our libraries play an enormous role in this. They a truly a gift!

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