Breast Cancer …Any Cancer


I know in my life, friends and family have lived with, survived and passed from cancer. I have witnessed the resilience of the human spirit in the face of staggering odds. While Cancer does not discriminate – it is equally noted that the human spirit can overcome anything that it has to dish out. 

So, for this month, let us take some time to reflect on the topic, take action and keep the wheels of progress moving in the direction of eliminating cancer.

 – Hope


  1. Eloquently stated, Hope. Cancer touched (and scarred) me eight years ago, but it’s gone now, and I don’t expect it to come back, but if it does, I’ll do what I can to beat it.

    1. You did it! So glad to hear that you beat it back it into the stone age.

      Education and action – a powerful combination for sure!

      Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring us to stay strong in the face of such a challenge!

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