Post Election Thoughts

In the almost two weeks since election day, I have seen the increase in violence, hate and a more pronounced division between families, friends and work colleagues.

My own experience is one of having relatives land squarely on the opposing side of this great political and social debate about where we should go as a nation. My reply to a comment of ‘stop whining about it’ and ‘vote again in four years’ was at first, in my thoughts, met with disbelief that we are actually in the same family and WTF. Upon reflection and a few moments of deep breathing, the light bulb came on. The opposing side has that exact reaction to my views.

The reply I sent was to acknowledge that their opinion is just as valid as mine even though I completely disagree. Here’s the thing though, we cannot wait four years to see what happens. We must work within the system and hold those in power to account for their choices and to ensure that a larger division in our nation is not generated.

I will continue to speak out against those who incite violence, support bigotry and fuel hate while speaking for those amongst us who would be marginalized for being who they are.

While some may feel the need to check their passports, fill up the U Haul and head to the border, I am not going anywhere (save for a vacation, maybe), I am staying here and standing up for the country I know we can become. A country that embraces diversity, inclusion, opportunity and compassion. My America, meant for all.

If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.


So, with this final parting thought, I leave you with words of wisdom from a young person with a bright future. Thanks, Kid President!

Happy Thanksgiving!

– Hope


  1. I agree, Hope. I’ve gone through various stages of grief since the results of the election, from shock to anger and everything in between, it seems. I know I will not reach the resignation stage. I’m doing what I can to make a difference, from signing petitions to making phone calls and planning to attend the Million Women March. I’ve found the serenity prayer helpful in the past, but now I think instead of accepting the things I cannot change, I’m going to focus on changing the things I cannot accept.

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