Which One?

dog toyTwo children were observed fighting for first in a game. One seemed to know the way it could be played to win the game and the other could sense that there is a different way but appeared unclear of a direction. Neither could articulate to the moderator without the other butting in front of the other or pushing the other aside. So, in the end, no progress was made and neither won. The result for both children was that there was no resolution and no peace.

As the moderator, would you select one over the other and rule out one child? Or would you let the chips fall where they may? What is a possible solution?

Now consider a slightly different look, what if one child was in fact your mind and the other your heart? And what if, the game is actually the choices made in the various parts of your life. How would you reconcile the two to move forward? Or, should you leave one behind to tend to later?

Keep in mind that there is no correct answer. But what can we learn from our answers? Is there a pattern that has been repeating in life that is disempowering by making the choice of heart over the mind or mind over heart? If a different path is selected, what might that provide? Would making a different choice empower us and our communities? I would imagine that the answers are somewhere in the willingness to look?

With a new year comes the opportunity to complete the past and set out on a new course. Take a moment and look to see how your heart and your mind can move life forward by complementing each other in 2019 and I will do the same. Feel free to share what you have learned!

Blessings to you in all of your comings and goings.


– Hope



photo by Hope Bakker

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