Do Not Wait

pocket watch in the sandThe other day I went to a life celebration of a dear work colleague whom I had known for 10+ years. The event served as a reminder that we are here in this life for but a short time and what we make of it is up to us.

Amidst the heartfelt and funny stories, a few poems were read. One of the poems, “If You’re Ever Going to Love Me”, brought into focus what is and what can be present in life. For me, it is a constant blessing to know that one person, one conversation, or one action can shift the day into a more positive tone for self and others. So, for your consideration, I present to you, this touching offering.

If You’re Ever Going to Love Me
by Anonymous

If you’re ever going to love me love me now, while I can know
All the sweet and tender feelings which from real affection flow.

Love me now, while I am living; do not wait till I am gone
And then chisel it in marble — warm love words on ice-cold stone.

If you’ve dear, sweet thoughts about me, why not whisper them to me?
Don’t you know ‘twould make me happy and as glad as glad could be?

If you wait till I am sleeping, ne’er to waken here again,
There’ll be walls of earth between us and I couldn’t hear you then.

If you knew someone was thirsting for a drop of water sweet
Would you be so slow to bring it? Would you step with laggard feet?

There are tender hearts all round us who are thirsting for our love;
Why withhold from them what nature makes them crave all else above?

I won’t need your kind caresses when the grass grows o’er my face;
I won’t crave your love or kisses in my last low resting place.

So, then, if you love me any, if it’s but a little bit,
Let me know it now while living; I can own and treasure it.

In this the month of Valentines and Hearts, I encourage you to step back from the “I’m so busy.” and “It will have to wait.” conversations that keep you from precious relationships. Reach out and make someone’s day. Let them know they are cherished.

Thank you for reading this and for passing it along if you wish.

Blessings to you on your way this and each day.

– Hope


Image by Annca

Poem cited from the Poetry Nook

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