On The Same Page

I mentioned a few different items in the Mission on the side bar that merit a comment or two as we start to define the conversations, topics and resolutions that we are delving into with this blog. The terms are skill set resources and out of the box thinking.

Skill Set Resources
In this world, there is an abundance of talent, knowledge and skills that, with technology have brought the world closer together. I believe that if we come together through communication, change can occur. So, below are a few examples of a skill set resources:

Example One
Jane has been working with roses for decades and has more cumulative knowledge than the average person. For Jane then, this knowledge is second nature. She can share this resource with the community to educate children or others about roses. (You may already know what your skill set resource is, yes?)

Example Two
A resource that is in abundance for new business persons is the Senior Core of Retired Executives under the umbrella of the Small Business Administration. The retired executives volunteer to assist persons all around the United States with various topics related to business using their experience to further economic development.

Out of The Box Thinking
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stuck. I mean really stuck. Creativity comes to an end and progress screeches to a halt. That is the perfect time to stop and reach out. Leave a comment, ask a question or share your solutions to keeping projects moving and inspiration flowing on the big and little things. Life is always easier with friends along for the journey.

So, away we go – thanks for jumping in and joining the conversation!