Laughter – The Best Remedy for a Long Day

It may be of no surprise to those who have seen my last blog with a bunch of photos, that I like to play and laugh. I also love to tease friends mercilessly and have an affinity for cartooning!
← My little guy, Dude, while a part of my imagination and part experience with my furry friends has given me more “paws” amidst the seriousness of life as to how it all fits together. Humor. Art. Changing the World… well, striving to. There had to be a plus to all the giggling, silliness and merry making.

So, curiosity got the better of me and I went Googling, as I often do, and tripped over several articles. Ok, several long articles and then a tiny little gem that matched my end-of-the-day-attention-span popped onto the screen. I know you could probably find more if you look, which I encourage, but here’s one to get you started:

(Don’t you feel more relaxed just from the address of the article?)

Until next time, relax & enjoy!
– Hope