Be the Light

stack of papers‘Life is a never-ending spiral of accountabilities.’ was a description a friend gave me in telling me about his life. An authentic response and kind of dark, yes? I get it though. That is what was there for him.

Each of us has a set of things on our “To Do List” and people who hold us to account for activities. Sometimes our lists and our lives can be over whelming, heart wrenching and just plain exhausting. It is easy to slide into complacency and resignation or to fall into a false belief that one person doesn’t make a difference.

Take a moment and look into the details of it though. For the person on the street that smiles at you when you say “Hello” or the clerk at the store who finally smiles when you acknowledge that it might just be along shift for them and you ask “How are you?” you allow for connection.  That moment might just be the best part of their day.  There is no measure for the interaction but a pause from the normal course of business to grant being.

Inn at Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New MexicoZoom in a little closer now. For family and friends, that text, e-mail or call you made out of the blue to check in with them may have just made their day. True, again, there is no way to assess the outcome of the action. The value is that is gained is found in the relationship reignited.

Life happens in the moment and in vivid detail, so if you see someone who is dismayed with is seemingly overwhelmed with their ‘never ending spiral of accountabilities’ and stressors, allow yourself to be that touch point of connection – the light in that person’s darkness. If you find yourself tripping over life and darkness encroaches, allow another to do the same for you.

It only takes a moment to smile, to reach out. Be the light. Try it. You might like it.

All the best!

– Hope


Photos by Hope Bakker