Be It Resolved

With the end of 2017, the annual dreaded or not-so-dreaded New Year’s Resolution is the topic of the day. My thoughts on it range from a really deep sigh to the ever optimistic, “Whew, finally a reset button to give it all another shot”.

My inquiry this year is an optimistic and heartfelt inquiry of what it would be to set and keep a resolution or two. That is two, if I get ambitious. Why does it seem that resolutions of by gone eras have failed – make more money, bigger house, healthier life and body? By setting a resolution am I trying to fix a problem or am I moving forward in a way that will create a new paradigm to have things manifest?

You may agree with the Huffington Post article about the demise of most New Year’s Resolutions from a year or so ago and that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are kept. Not an encouraging statistic. I myself have for several years have been part of that 8% percent as my resolution was to make no New Year’s Resolutions. Somehow, I don’t think that is what they had in mind with the measuring of the statistics. Just a hunch.

The article goes on to doing an incremental approach to shifting behaviors. For myself, this would probably work until a box of chocolate chip cookies came into view. I know how to set goals and plan markers to ensure I reach a goal. Why then does a resolution fizzle? Maybe because it tries to correct an issue? We shall see in this new experiment.

My resolution: I resolve to play fully in the conversations around well-being, spirituality and prosperity.

Putting play into the mix is a way to look at it all newly. That isn’t to say there are no measures as all games have rules and measures. Those will come in the next few days. Base questions are my guide. Questions like: “Will this action support my well-being?”, “Tell me what you believe?” and “What is it to be prosperous for myself and for those around me?”

For your new year, I share with you one of my poems. May it bless you on your way in 2018.


Blessed Be

We are all on our way –
growing and learning –
masterpieces from the start

May your wandering soul rejoice
with each journey’s end and

another’s beginning

Blessed be the path you travel!

— Hope Bakker  ©2008

I invite you to come with me on this journey or simply be a witness and leave comments.



Article: New Year’s Resolutions Are Bound To Fail. Try This Instead by Carolyn Gregoire

Poem: Blessed Be by Hope Bakker. ©2008

Images courtesy of Pixabay and their generous artists
1) woman by Stefan Keller (kellepics)
2) woman on the road by Reiner Knudsen