Vision Board of "Yes"


A short while ago, I entered a vision board in a design contest that focused on what 2020 would bring. While it would have been great to win the contest, it was great way of setting the tone and goals for the incoming year. That was six months ago.

Now as I am finding my footing in a world that is living with COVID-19; striving for equality and justice; and struggling to save the environment, I find myself questioning everything. How will it be possible to move forward for not only myself but for the nation and the world? What would it take? At this point, I have more questions than answers, but perhaps the consideration of willingness is a place to start.

At the heart of change there is a willingness – the desire to say “Yes”. Saying “Yes” isn’t always so easy. It is sometimes difficult as life can seem to be going backwards while moving forward. People who are looking for work, teaching their kids at home, caregiving for family members, or trying to keep their business open come to mind as we live in this new paradigm of masks and plastic barriers. Together we can be brave and try each one to see what they provide.

What if we had the willingness to say –
“Yes” to having the difficult conversations
“Yes” to listening, to finding common ground
“Yes” to creating solutions, actions, and a path toward unity

What if we had the willingness to say –
“Yes” to thinking outside the ways that we used to think
“Yes” to being better tomorrow than we are today by changing habits

What if we had the willingness to say –
“Yes” to meeting the unknown with courage, grace, and ease
“Yes” to the freedom for all people to grow, explore, and dream

And so, my friends, consider what the power of being willing to say “Yes” will provide for the common good of humanity and the planet.

It is my hope that from this point forward we will all support each other in practicing kindness, in being the voices of change, and in nurturing each other to have the willingness to say “Yes”.

Peace to you.

– Hope


Collage Image by Hope