Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings Digital CollageThe triumphs, struggles, and hopes and dreams of my Grandmothers will probably be something I will never know in detail beyond the family stories. I do know that my life has been blessed with a strong bond and memories of time well spent with two women, Lydia and Viola, my Grandmas. Whether drawing cartoons at the table, playing music together, working in the kitchen, or working in the garden with them. They were patient, understanding, and an important part of who I have become. They helped me grow.

The legacy they left, as witnessed by our family, was one of commitment to family and relatedness to those around them. The devotion to family became our foundation, our roots. Their memory gives us the courage to move forward through any challenge. In this way, they have given us wings to reach into the future and set a path for not only ourselves but the next generation.

With love and memories, I present to you two poems by Brenda Beattie: Lydia K. and Grandpa’s Garden Complete.

Lydia K. – by Brenda Beattie

Grandma’s in heaven wearing her hallowed crown
Her life’s triumphs and trials have been overcome
The memories are vivid and sweet and remain
Until the day comes when we meet her again

We remember as kids playing out on the farm
“SPUD.”, baseball, and running around
Then into the kitchen to the frig we would go
to get a soda pop from the bottom drawer

The first Sunday after Christmas
is when we would all meet
To laugh and share presents
after the big dinner we’d eat

The table was full with no room to spare
Grandma made all the food with
such love and care

All the memories are vivid and sweet and remain
Until the day comes when we meet her again

Grandpa’s Garden Complete – by Brenda Beattie

All memories are special.
Memories to hold dear.

Picking weed flowers in the yard,
So proud to pick them for her.
With Grandma’s love for us,
“They’re so pretty!”, she’d say.
She put them in water to save.

The Bullhead fish fries,
A memory of the past.

The holidays filled the house
People, food, love, and laughs.

The time she took care of us —
Always there, helping hand,
Giving her advice all for loves sake.

The peach cobbler she told from memory
For me to make.

Children, grand-children,

As time slipped by the generations grew.
Strength, Faith, Determination, and Love
Made the generations strong to grow.
On that strength I draw every day.

Like the flowers and gardens together
They worked at so hard year to year,
Strength, love, and beauty has left this Earth.

May 6th, 1992, Grandpa left to start his heaven garden.
Heavens garden now blooms brighter.

Grandpa was there at the gardens gate —
He opened it October 7th, 2007 and led Grandma in.To his open arms she had gone,

For eternity they are together again.

So in this Women’s History Month, with gratitude for roots and wings that were given, celebrate the women who have gone before you as it is with their guidance that we are all able to move forward.


Article by Hope Bakker
Digital collage by Hope (inspired by Artists: Pam Owensby and Catharina)
Poetry by Brenda Beattie