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Welcome to Poetry Month!
Watch for original works and links to resources!

– Hope Bakker

One to another
Old words poignant but yet new
Treasures of life found

Embrace true knowing
The heart of all unconcealed
What then shall we say

Speak the unspoken
Become who we are to be
Creators of worlds

Hope’s Work

Web Design & Graphics

Moving your mission forward by telling your story visually through design that is important to your customer and to your values.

Inn at Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Art, Inspiration, & Design

Change begins from where we are at this moment. By adding meaningful communication and design, life shifts to the positive for us all.

Purple Sage by Hope Bakker

Celebrate With Me

April is Poetry Month!

Celebrate with me the wonder and play that the art of poetry can bring to our experiences. Watch for original works and links to articles and resources.