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CMS Examples
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WordPress (.com) • IMIS by AdSolv Wix SchoolMessenger by West Communication

WordPress Editor Experience:
Gutenberg and Divi

Sample Site Showcase

Category: Business

Thrive PCG logo

Thrive Coaching Group website was developed with a modern clean feel to emphasis the skills and offerings of this fictional coaching firm. The site was built using a blank Wix template.

Category: Non-profit Member Organization

Candid Santa Fe logo.

Candid Santa Fe website is image heavy and content rich for members to enjoy. Associated marketing content will give you the flavor of what is available for your organization. Mailchimp, custom styling, and original images were used throughout.

Digital Marketing Funnel and Example

Digital Marketing Funnel
Canvas bag with buckle
Top of the Funnel
Go Bag Checklist
Coffee and Cameras
Middle of the Funnel
Event for Community
Gold Square with white text - New Member Offer
Middle of the Funnel
Incentive to join club.
Multi-colored sharpie markers
Bottom of the Funnel
Resource Blog for Members
Header from Candid New - May 2021
Bottom of the Funnel
Member Newsletter
gold square with white words - Social Media Posts
TOF & MOF Campaign
Sample Posts


Portfolio 2018
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