Service to Self

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Self-care, the concept is an odd idea for some who work non-stop to create better reality for their families, friends, local community, nation and the world. It is this little page’s job to serve as a reminder that if we, as volunteers, don’t take care of ourselves, there is no taking care of anyone else and as a result no changes can be made.

The Reminders Tips (Like Your Momma taught you):

  1. Eat well –
    Eat at least one set of food that is considered an actual meal where you eat with others.
  2. Drink water –
    Given humans are made up of mostly water, it is the best thing to keep you healthy.
  3. Rest –
    A nap or good night’s sleep does wonders to refresh body and soul.
  4. Play –
    Focus on your service area is a fabulous thing but playing in another discipline can add new life and perspective to your thinking. Let your mind grow.

A really great resource of videos on self-care:
TED talks on self-care: